Hawaiian Host® Introduces Pancoated Chocolate Collection

Hawaiian Host® unveils its latest confection with a new line of pancoated chocolates. Taking its cue from the traditional style of chocolate making known as panning, pancoating is the brand’s artisanal method of coating macadamias. Chocolate is slowly poured over dry-roasted macadamia nuts in a tumbling coating pan, and then, layer by delicious layer, a multi-textured, bite-sized indulgence is created.

“The panning method gives us the chance to be more creative with our chocolate-covered macadamias; to enhance them by adding layers of glaze, chocolate, other top-shelf ingredients, and powder-dusted finishes — all evenly layered to produce the most delicious confections,” says Theresa Tuxhorn, Director of Global Marketing for Hawaiian Host.

The flavor lineup is tempting to say the least. Think buttery macadamias coated in creamy milk or rich dark chocolate and then dusted with powdered sugar. Other decadent flavors include Honey Milk, Sea Salt Toffee, Toasted Coconut, Kona Coffee, and the ever-popular Matcha — this is just a taste of what to expect from Hawaiian Host’s latest line.

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