Ed Schultz, President and CEO of Hawaiian Host Group, was interviewed for Hawaii Business Magazine’s “Leadership, Restarting Hawaii” series, which focuses on how Hawai‘i’s business leaders are adapting to COVID-19 epidemic.

In the interview, Schultz describes how the Hawaiian Host team quickly acclimated, revising safety and sanitation procedures to ensure their protection while at work. Workstations and work hours adapted to adhere to social distancing requirements and the influx of children being schooled at home.

As the Hawaiian Host team strove to maintain their motivation and collaborative nature during confinement, digital tools certainly proved useful—though, Schultz believes that, at Hawaiian Host, “business is not won over a video conference, and company culture cannot be built over [online] platforms…”

In the article, he also addresses how the Hawaiian Host Group will accustom to the “new normal” of reduced tourism, predicted to last three years, by focusing on healthier margin products to assure continued business success in a reduced-travel environment.

Schultz acknowledges that all Hawai‘i businesses have been affected by the crisis, and that they must take risks and unite with the local community to fight for Hawaiian businesses’ survival.

“At Hawaiian Host Group, our mantra is Hoe Ka Wa‘a (Paddle the Canoe), which to us means we must all be in the same canoe …,” Schultz shares. “…. During this crisis (as with past crises), we have tested our resiliency, focused our positive energy and efforts on taking care of each other, and remain committed in continuing the journey together.”

View Interview: Ed Schultz, President and CEO, Hawaiian Host Group, published June 18th by Hawaii Business editor Steve Petranik, here.

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