Celebrating our team members is an integral part of who we are at Hawaiian Host Group. Every month, we share the story of one of our most dedicated Hosts of Hawai‘i and how they contribute to the products we all love. This month, we’re featuring Plant Controller, Bobbi Wilson, who is celebrating her 13th work anniversary with us next month! Check out more on Bobbi’s story below.

HHG: How did you land your job at Hawaiian Host Group?

Bobbi:  I was originally drawn to Mauna Loa as it is a well-known brand here in Hawai‘i and the position I applied for at the time was a good match for my skills and experience. I joined the team as the Plant Accountant, which is the role I held for my first 6 years with Mauna Loa. My experience in the manufacturing environment and the ERP software that the company used at the time enabled me to jump right in.

HHG: How long have you been with HHG, and what exactly do you do here?

Bobbi: In May 2022, I will make 13 years at HHG! Back in 2009, when I was hired as the Plant Accountant, I began my journey and gained a strong understanding of the business and its accounting & processes. Then in 2015, I moved into the role of the Plant Controller, which is the role I’ve now held for 7 years. My main responsibilities as the Plant Controller include maintaining our standard cost system, budgeting, reporting, and inventory management.

HHG: What has been your favorite experience working at HHG?

Bobbi: One of my favorite experiences working at HHG has been how much I enjoy working onsite at the Plant and how in my role, I am exposed to all areas of the business. As the Plant Controller, I get to learn about everything from macadamia nut processing and production, to how the power plant operates, to inventory, and even our Union contract. In my nearly 13 years, it’s been great working alongside people who are always willing to share their expertise. I love being in an environment where I am still always learning new things.

HHG: What is your proudest accomplishment so far at HHG?

Bobbi: In my time at HHG, I’ve had the chance to help with developing processes to improve our inventory accuracy. I’m proud to say that as we’ve implemented iterative system developments, we’ve significantly improved and now do really well with our physical inventory results. We’ve faced change and challenge over the years, but with dedicated teammates by my side, we’re always able to work through issues together to find solutions. Any time I can help make a process more efficient and accurate is always a proud accomplishment.

HHG: What is your favorite Hawaiian Host, Mauna Loa, or KOHO product?

Bobbi: I love anything matcha flavored, and my favorite product is the Hawaiian Host Matcha Chocolate Macadamias. Once, my son and I finished an entire Costco-sized bag of them in just one week. Yum!

HHG:  What is your favorite place in Hawai‘i?

Bobbi: Although I’ve lived here for most of my life, I actually haven’t explored a whole lot, and ironically, I’m not a big beachgoer either. One area that comes to mind as a favorite place is Lili‘uokalani Gardens and Coconut Island in Hilo. I have a lot of memories from spending time there when I was younger, and it’s a place I’ve taken my own kids. The garden is great for walking, picnicking, or even fishing. On a clear day, the view of the mountains and the ocean is just beautiful.

Thank you, Bobbi, for all you do for our Mauna Loa Plant and team – we all appreciate you!

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