This month, we are putting our Hosts of Hawai‘i Spotlight on Vivian Fung, Marketing Specialist for Hawaiian Host & KOHO. Vivian’s unique path brought her to Hawaiian Host Group, and we were fortunate to have the chance to sit down with her to learn more about her journey. Read all about Vivian’s story below. 

HHG: How long have you been with HHG, and what exactly do you do here?

Vivian: I have been working with Hawaiian Host and Mauna Loa since 2016 and officially started at HHG a little over a year ago. Joining the team was a natural and exciting next step in my career. I am currently the Marketing Specialist for Hawaiian Host & KOHO. For both brands, I support much of the hands-on work. Our team is focused on increasing our presence in Hawai‘i and getting more involved in the local community so part of that is coordinating the events, sponsorships, and collaborations we do with local brands. Beyond that, I help facilitate and manage digital & print campaigns, photoshoots, product catalogues, agency partnerships, and retail store needs. The hard work is worth it when I see how excited people get about our products and how much joy our products bring.

KOHO Pop-Up Store Opening Event. Read more at: KOHO Launches First Pop-Up Boutique

HHG: What has been your favorite experience working at HHG?

Vivian: Opening the KOHO pop-up store at Ala Moana last November was super memorable and definitely one of my favorite experiences so far. It was awesome to see team members from across the organization take the initiative to offer their help and ensure we were ready to open. The event itself was a huge success too – seeing it all come together beautifully and hearing all the positive feedback from our guests made it extremely rewarding. We have a special community at HHG that is truly united – seeing everyone take time away from their own work when we needed the support showed me that the team really had my back.

HHG: What is your proudest accomplishment so far at HHG?

Vivian: One of my proudest accomplishments is a 7’ X 7’ mural made of KOHO bon bons that I recently helped to create for an Aloha United Way (AUW) event that our team sponsored, called Women United’s 7th Annual Chocolate, Champagne & Couture For-A-Cause Fundraiser. I worked with local artist, Janet Meinke-Lau, to replicate the art seen on our KOHO boxes and the AUW logo – all out of bon bons! Creating the mural itself took close to 14 hours of manual labor and included gluing the bon bons to the canvas one-by-one. The final product served as a photo-opp backdrop for attendees and ended up being a huge hit. Our team had never done anything like this before and it was so cool to be part of bringing the vision to life.

HHG: What is your favorite Hawaiian Host, Mauna Loa, or KOHO product?

Vivian: I love products from each of our brands! From Hawaiian Host, my favorite is the Founder’s Collection Dark Chocolate, from Mauna Loa, the Maui Onion & Garlic Mac Nuts, and from KOHO, the Liliko‘i Caramel bon bons.

HHG:  What is your favorite place in Hawai‘i?

Vivian: I am a big fan of visiting Pu’u O Kaimukī Park, also known as Christmas Tree Park in Kaimukī at all times of year. I grew up in Kaimukī, and would always see it in passing as kid, but I didn’t actually go to the park until I was in college. When I finally went, I absolutely loved it and it’s now one of my favorite places on island! It’s an easy walk, and the view is hard to beat – especially for sunrise or sunset.

Thank you, Vivian, for all your hard work and the positivity you bring to our team. We are lucky to have you at HHG!

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