LOS ANGELES, CA, October 6, 2022This week, we officially welcomed our LA team members to our brand-new office on Santa Monica Blvd. After two and a half years of working from home, the return of the LA-based team also sparked a new flex work option. Team members across our different office locations are now allowed to work from home several days a week.

It’s been two and a half years since our LA team members started working from home because of the pandemic. After many conference calls and sporadic in-person meetings, the team will now finally have a home again. Some worked together in-office before the pandemic, but as the team grew, a number of them will now join their peers at the office for the first time. An exciting change, as the team can start to avoid the phrases “you’re on mute” and “can you see my screen?”

Located in West Los Angeles, our ninth-floor office features an open floor plan, five private offices, two meeting rooms, and a fully equipped kitchen. Not to mention the stunning ocean views. With a selection of furniture, materials, and décor that are also used in our Honolulu Headquarters, the LA Office is a near-identical extension that allows everyone to feel part of the same team.

The day they moved in, the LA team found personalized packages on their desks that included HHG branded Moleskine notebooks, pens, stickers, and a hand-written “Welcome Back” note to help them feel welcome in their new space. Getting the office ready for use was no small feat, and credits go to all our team members who played a role in the planning and preparation to make the transition from remote-work to in-office a smooth one.

After two and a half years of working remotely, the opportunity to be face-to-face with colleagues on a regular basis is a positive and welcome change for Paulina Kim, Insides Sales Manager. “There is a sense of community at the office that you don’t get without meeting people in-person. I’m happy to be back with my team and peers! It’ll be great to reconnect with the members from the former LA office and meet our new team members who were hired during the pandemic,” Paulina shared.

Beyond the typical office’s standard amenities, the new HHG office building features a range of unique offerings including a state-of-the-art fitness center, game lounge, an on-site car wash, and dry-cleaning services. Another special feature available to the team is, “The Commons,” which serves as an open-air gathering space for socializing, meeting, and collaborating.

The team has access to a café on the first floor as well as an impressive conference & events center. The building is also LEED Platinum certified – meaning its facilities are equipped with technology to conserve water & energy, and control operating costs, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

HHG’s President & CEO, Ed Schultz, shared that he is, “very excited to have the LA team in office as I strongly believe that we work better when we are together. The potential for us to build our culture and problem-solve collaboratively grows exponentially when we are together in-person.”

We are thrilled for the LA team to have a central home-base office again and for all they will accomplish in the new space. 

Introducing Our Flex Work Option

The new office’s doors opened just as we announced our new flex-work policy. Effective October 3, 2022, team members across our office locations now have the option to follow a hybrid work model. Previously, team members in LA worked remotely and team members at our Honolulu Headquarters worked in-office 5 days a week.

As we align our business model with industry-leading practices, we are excited to offer a more flexible schedule that reflects the needs and wants of our modern-day workforce, while maintaining a strong collaborative culture based out of centralized offices.

Our teams now have the option to work from home 2 days a week. Mondays, Thursdays, and one day of choice, everyone will work from their respective office spaces. The other days of the week, team members can work from home or choose to still come into the office. This model, with designated in-office days, will enable us to continue to maintain and build upon our culture together while we support our people in response to a changing world of work.

We are proud to share that ~75% of our Honolulu Headquarters team still elected to work in-office 4-5 days a week. We attribute this choice to the special culture and community all of us have built together, and view it as a direct reflection of the sense of camaraderie and teamwork our team feels when we are together in-office.

We look forward to where this next chapter will take us as we continue to evolve the ways we collaborate.


Stijn Spaas
Director of Corporate Brand Strategy

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