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HHG Opens New LA Office & Announces Flex-Work Option

Oct 22 BY Hawaiian Host Group

This week, we officially welcomed our LA team members to our brand-new office in Santa Monica. After two years of working from home, the return of the LA-based team also sparked a new flex work option. Team members across our different office locations are now allowed to work from home several days a week.

Culture + Lifestyle + News

Learning From Our Hawai‘i-Based Macadamia Farmers

Jun 22 BY Hawaiian Host Group

Macadamia nuts are the heart of our business – they are a star ingredient in many of our delicious Hawaiian Host, Mauna Loa, and KOHO products. This week, we were lucky to have Nathan and Andrew Trump of Island Harvest share the ins and outs of farming macadamia nuts in Hawai‘i with our team.